Advanced AI: LLM Research


- Cover new LLM techniques like FlashAttention, FasterTransformer, Lion optimizer, ALiBi, and QLoRA

- Compare and discuss LLM benchmarks like TriviaQA and HumanEval

- Practice fine-tuning foundational models (7B-70B) on cloud hardware

- Discuss in-context learning methods like summarization, chain of thought reasoning, and scratchpad memory

- Use and compare various self-correction methods

- Compare A100, H100, GH200, and other hardware

- Study MPT, LLaMA2, and Platypus in detail

- Gain a deep understanding of perplexity and explainability

- Cover the latest RLHF techniques

- Develop an understanding of the impact context length, dimensionality, and floating point precision have on inference cost and accuracy

- Hands-on experience using synthetic data and discussion of resulting issues like model collapse

- Use FPGA hardware to experiment with modifying the Transformer architecture

- Learn how to estimate costs of training and inference

- Use all of the above to develop experiments to reduce inference costs and improve real world accuracy on problems like code generation

- The latest papers related to the topics above will be incorporated into the class

Contact about the Course

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