Résumé | Steve Goldsmith

I may be open to taking a job in Denver or remote work.

My background is software development, including web, embedded systems, games, and compilers, electrical engineering, entrepreneurship, and teaching.

Salary requirement: $140K / yr

I will keep working on my own stuff on the side, including new projects and tutoring, and keep full ownership of all of it. This is a deal breaker, and must be unambiguous in any employment contract.

Portfolio: aurifexlabs.com has my latest stuff.

Email: steve@aurifexlabs.com Telephone: Contact for phone number.


Founder / Software Engineer, Aurifex Labs LLC

Fairfax, VA — 2015 - present (on and off)

The current product is a real-time collaboration platform for developers featuring file storage, video chat + screen sharing, collaborative code editing, and real-time source control. Uses WebRTC, Websockets, operational transformation, plus standard web stuff like REST, node, nginx, etc.

Worked on a bunch of random projects including a C compiler written in Javascript, web development and programming tutorials, games, and programming languages. Most of which have never seen the light of day, but feel free to ask about them.

In 2016, built an in-browser, cloud based game development tool for building games with Phaser. Powered by Firebase to provided collaborative features including collaborative coding. I worked with JS/CSS/HTML, Polymer, Jquery, HTML5 Canvas (Phaser), Node, Git, Digital Ocean, S3, and Stripe. Put into production, marketed, and had a few hundred users sign up.

Software Engineer (consultant)

Founder / Teacher / Director, Bay Area Summer Enrichment Camp, Inc. (BASE Camp)

Sunnyvale, CA — 2012-2014

Started a summer computer programming camp and taught 150 middle school students programming over the course of three summers. I was ultimately responsible for everything that the camp delivered.

Marketing – Ran our Adwords and print marketing campaigns. Responsible for monitoring analytics. Created image and print ads and wrote all marketing copy with partner.

Sales – Did in-person sales at summer camp fairs, supported phone sales.

Operations – Managed all the day to day operations of the camp. Responsible for the safety of all students, purchased computers, coordinated field trips, hired and coordinated photographers, ran teacher training, and all HR.

Accounting – Did all the accounting and initial tax planning and preparation, put together pro forma financial documents each year for planning and decision making purposes, closely monitored cash flow during our initial marketing, grew the business entirely off of positive cash flow.

Curriculum Development – Wrote curriculum for our introductory class with partner. Wrote the curriculum for our advanced class. Worked with teachers and developed processes to improve our curriculum during camp.

Teaching – Head teacher for most of our classes (9 out of 11). Responsible for training our teachers and assistants. Worked with our teachers and student teaching assistants on a day to day basis to improve their teaching skills.

Recruiting – Was responsible for hiring teachers for camp. Hired 4 teachers total. Vetted both teaching and technical coding ability.

Customer Service – Was responsible for all in-person parent interactions while camp was in session, supported my parter with customer service over the phone.

Software Development – Wrote a simple custom CRM system for automating our customer interactions. Created our marketing website including payment handling through Amazon Payments then Stripe.

Founder / Game Developer, Aurifex Games LLC and Aardvark Games, Inc.

Fremont, CA — 2010 - 2011

Developed and released games for the iPhone “Classic Hex” and “Deep Space Dogfight”. Prototyped games in Python and ported to C++/Objective-C. Began development on a game called “Adventures of Alphaman” with a cartoonist. Ran a Kickstarter campaign.

Tutor, C2 Education, Inc.

Various SF Bay Area and Washington DC Area Locations — 2009 - 2012

Professional tutor working about 30 hrs per week. Tutored in all subjects but mostly math and science for middle and high school students, with a focus on chemistry, physics, and advanced math.

Software Development Contractor, Virginia Neurosurgeons

Arlington, VA (May - June 2009)

Extracted data from their existing electronic medical record system and wrote a custom UI in Python that allowed doctors to better understand what was going on with their practice.

Software Developer, Massey Plugins

San Francisco, CA — Fall 2007 – Spring 2008

Ported audio production plug-ins from Real Time Audio Suite format to Audio Units format using C++ and Objective-C.


Wilkes University

BS in Electrical Engineering — 2003-2007

Concentration in embedded systems and computer architecture. Implemented MIPS in Verilog. Breadboarded entire working microcomputer. Designed and built guitar amplifiers on the side.

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

Advanced Diploma — 1999-2003

Took AI (in LISP) and Computer Architecture in computer systems lab. Senior project – 3d scanner using a laser pointer mounted on a servo that would sweep over object and a camera to measure parallax.


Used in production: Javascript/HTML/CSS, node.js, nginx, Linux, SQL, NoSQL(DynamoDB, RethinkDB, Firebase), AWS, GCP, Digital Ocean, REST/HTTP, Websockets, WebRTC, Python, Flask, C++, Java (android), Obj-C, PHP, Apache, Gulp, Bootstrap, JQuery

Other programming: C, Go, Nim, Verilog, VHDL, various assembly (arm, x86, pic, 68K), CLISP

Other: Google Analytics/Adwords, GIMP, digital/analog circuit design

Not an exhaustive list. I like learning and doing lots of stuff. Just ask.